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Nova has a commitment to designing, machining and assembling assay components and equipment for the mining industry. Based in British Columbia, Canada, Nova Machine Works has experience working with many mining companies. We build Assay Equipment based on your specific requirements and deliver to you wherever you are on the globe!



Custom-built solutions are sometimes required to test for specific properties. Whether your project requires design, manufacture, or assembly, our team has the knowledge and expertise to guide you. 


This machine is custom to Nova. We understand the unique demands of analyzing substances to determine its composition or quality. Our expertise lies in crafting custom equipment essential for the optimal functioning of assay labs.


The Nova Automatic Flux Dispensing system can be customised to match your specifications and requirements. The Nova Flux Dispenser helps to reduce hours of manual work, saving costs and improving safety. We can customize to offer you a layout for your pot size and dimensions.


The Rotary Flux Mixer of flux and mineral samples improves the fire assay process. This rotary mixer is designed by Nova to reliably improve the rate at which pots can be mixed. This means improved workplace safety and savings on labour costs. Rotary Flux Mixer provides your lab an excellent and workable solution with any pot size and configuration.


This loading fork is designed for loading crucibles into your furnace, handling the weight and size of crucibles efficiently.  Given the high temperatures involved, our design comes with a Lexan shield that can withstand the heat from the furnace and allow the operator to carefully position the loading and unloading forks without concern of excessive heat.


Depending on the specific needs of your operation, the Loading Forks can be designed for hydraulic manual or hydraulic electric use.

  • Hydraulic Manual Loading Fork: The operator manually controls the hydraulic system to lift, lower, and position the fork. This type of loading fork provides the operator with direct control over the loading process.

  • Hydraulic Electric Loading Fork: This is equipped with an electrically powered hydraulic system. The operator can control the fork using electric controls, providing ease of use and potentially allowing for automation features.


The riffle splitter divides a core sample into two parts, obtaining the sample (pulp) and the reject for further analysis. The design of the Nova riffle splitter ensures that the split samples maintain the same composition as the original core.


  • The adjustable design allows the operator to control the size of the split.

  • This riffle splitter is constructed out of stainless steel in a manner to minimize contamination and is easy to clean. Common materials include stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant alloys.


The Nova Machine Works designed Conveyor makes a difference where safety, efficiency, and throughput are important.


When extracting lead buttons from the fired flux material, the conveyor system should be automated to:

  • Remove the operator involvement, and reduce manual handling.

  • Minimize exposure to hazardous materials.

  • Adjust to your settings to accommodate different processing requirements and materials.

  • It is designed for easy maintenance, with accessible components and straightforward cleaning procedures.


A pounding station facilitates the separation of the lead from the flux. The Nova Machine Works design is built with sturdy materials to withstand the force exerted during the pounding process.

The Pounding Station incorporates:

  • Safety features such as a 360 degree guards

  • A system for collecting the pounded material

  • Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance to prevent cross-contamination


Ceiling or wall-mounted lifts play a crucial role in improving safety and reducing the risk of injury in assay labs, especially when handling heavy equipment such as bowls. Nova's ceiling or wall-mounted lifts are designed to facilitate the movement of materials, enhance ergonomics, and minimize manual handling efforts.


A rolling table designed for mixing liquids or granular solids over extended periods, such as days or hours, plays a crucial role in assay labs. Our single- or double-layer Rolling Tables feature durable materials to withstand the continuous operation and any vibrations generated during the mixing process.

Have a project in mind? Contact us today, and let's discuss how Nova can be the catalyst for your next project!

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